Helping Your Shoulder Instability

Your shoulder is a miraculously large joint that is responsible for the wide range of motion of your arms. However, overuse or a traumatic injury could compromise this range and cause shoulder instability. Search no further than Samimi Orthopaedic Group for help with your shoulder instability, proudly serving West Covina and Brentwood/West LA, CA. Dr. Babak Samimi, Dr. Soheil Samimi, and Dr. David Eldringhoff provide careful orthopaedic treatment for any injury, inflammation, or instability. There are ways to help your shoulder instability with orthopaedic treatment at Samimi Orthopaedic Group.

Causes of Shoulder Instability

Shoulder instability happens when the upper arm bone is popped out of the shoulder socket, usually as a result of overuse or a sudden injury. Sometimes, people are naturally predisposed to Multidirectional Instability, where the ligaments are loose and pop the shoulder in many directions. A major injury is normally the cause of a preliminary dislocation. Instability can also happen over-time when repeating actions that inflame and degrade the shoulder, or socket. Contact sports injuries are common causes of a dislocated shoulder, as well as work-related inflammation from repeating a task. Visit the West Covina or Brentwood/West LA locations of Samimi Orthopaedic Group where their accomplished doctors can design a specified treatment for your shoulder instability.

Shoulder Instability Treatments

Our highly trained orthopaedic doctors create specific treatments for your shoulder instability. There are non-surgical treatment procedures that are effective in reducing shoulder instability. Surgery may be required, but usually in severe cases. Ask your doctor how surgery can help your shoulder instability. As always it is best to explore multiple options for any treatment you seek.

Types of Treatment:

If you are experiencing symptoms of chronic shoulder instability like pain, repeated dislocations, and your shoulder slipping, you should call the doctors of Samimi Orthopaedic Group at (310) 606-2156. Ask them about the treatment options you have learned about today. If you are truly determined to help your shoulder instability visit our offices in West Covina CA, and Brentwood/West LA, CA.

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