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Babak Samimi, MD

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    Jennifer A

    My surgeon at Cedars said that I was lying when I told him I was still experiencing pain 2yrs > a nasty fractured femur. Came across Dr Samimi & what a great day - his 1st response was I shouldn't have to be in pain - then let's actually get in there & take a look - torn meniscus, shredded cartilage, bone spurs & other tears later it was nice to know I wasnt the crazy one Dr Samimi is my go to Ortho because of this kind & caring approach. His office staff (Anna & Sydney) are just as wonderful.
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    Absolutely one of the most knowledgeable, professional, empathetic caring, skilled orthopedists around! Staff is great and whatever he recommends it's truly needed and you will have amazing outcomes as long as you follow his strict recommendations!! Many others I've recommended to him have had great outcomes as well
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    Maddy D

    They were quick, effective, and patient - explaining what they believed to be causing my pain and how to treat it.
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    Lacey S

    He’s great. Listened to my concerns and answered my questions thoroughly and patiently. So glad I found this office!
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    Kyle K

    Dr Samimi was very friendly and understanding. He listened to my issues and recommended several options in my treatment.
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    Tony T

    Fantastic all around. Thoughtful, attentive and very responsive with feedback, patient education and treatment.
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David Eldringhoff, MD

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    Connie H

    Dr. Eldringhoff was very friendly, he explained clearly the options for the treatment of my knee pain and I was very satisfied that I was under his care.
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    Joanne R

    He was very professional and understanding of what my needs were. So glad I found him .Receptionist was very nice as well.
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    Initial consultation was good. The wait time was a little longer than expected but otherwise a good experience.
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    Dr. Eldringhoff is extremely thorough & kind. I truly appreciate being referred to him, & would recommend him to anyone.
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    Victoria H

    Excellent service. Staff accommodated my needs and were super friendly. They made me feel they do care for me
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    Decortier F

    Experience was great. Staff were very nice. Doc was awesome. I will go back. 5 stars.
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Omar Rahman, MD, MBA

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Berkay Unal, MD

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    Dr Unal was amazing! He is a professional! and great at what he does. . .will recommend him for sports injuries. He is very straightforward and will make sure you're informed and makes one feel less concerned. His office is well organized and clean. His staff is very friendly as well. Top surgeon!
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    Nick S

    Dr. Unal and his office staff truly care about providing quality care to our community! Dr. Unal not only has an amazing down to earth personality but is one of the best Orthopedic Surgeons in central California! If you're planning on getting a total knee (TKA) or hip (THA) done I would highly recommend working with Dr. Unal!
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    Monica N

    Doctor unal did surgery on my husband's shoulder June 9th he did a wonderful job I would recommend him my husband is going back to him for his knees God bless you
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    Jerry C

    Thanks doctor I'm in pain now but you did a fantastic job God bless you
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    Roni M

    Great all around genuinely kind and tenentive service, Amen.
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Elliot Bright, PA-C

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Elaine Chen, PA-C

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