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Knee injuries impact your entire body's mobility, and with it your ability to carry on with everyday life. Minor sprains can often be handled at home with some ice and rest, but depending on variables like age, the severity of the injury itself, and whether a chronic problem may be present, you may be best served by connecting with a specialist right away. If you would like to know more then please get in contact with one of our skilled providers at Samimi Orthopaedic Group in Los Angeles, and West Covina, CA.

Alleviating Pain

A minor injury can often be treated right at home using common techniques such as compression, using a knee brace, applying ice for 20 minutes at a time throughout the day, and of course, rest.

The goal of any treatment should be to return mobility to your limb, and if you are not noticing an improvement in this regard, or if the pain does not subside, then you should consult with our Los Angeles, and West Covina, CA, doctors.

The first step to treating your knee pain is identifying the source, as there are many components to the joint that could be affecting its natural function. Common tests can usually point your doctor in the right direction, but if they require more information then a knee arthroscopy may be needed. It is a surgical procedure, though not a very invasive one, and can help your doctor diagnose what's troubling you.

The ultimate treatment will depend on this diagnosis, and they could range from physical therapy to surgery, but the aim will be to provide you with relief.

The great majority of patients who undergo knee replacement surgery attest to its pain relief benefits, and it is usually aimed at those suffering from osteoarthritis when the tissue at the joint has worn down.

The procedure removes diseased bone and cartilage at the point where they connect and replaces the ends with metal implants and a plastic spacer to allow the new joint smooth movement. A partial knee replacement, on the other hand, only replaces the damaged parts of the joint when not all three are affected.

Knee Injury Treatment in Los Angeles, and West Covina, CA.

Whether your knee pain is from a recent injury or you've endured it for some time, get the answers and the treatment you need by coming into our offices. Make an appointment today with the doctors at Samimi Orthopaedic Group by dialing (310) 606-2156 or (626) 338-7391 to book an appointment.