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What to do When You've Injured Your Shoulder

If you've hurt your shoulder, you should see your orthopedic surgeon for treatment. Dr. Babak Samimi, Dr. Soheil Samimi, and Dr. David Eldringhoff of Samimi Orthopaedic Group in Los Angeles and West Covina, CA, offer shoulder injury treatment.

Types of Shoulder Injuries 

Acute Shoulder Injuries 

Acute shoulder injuries occur suddenly due to a fall, abnormal shoulder twisting, or a blow to your shoulder. Acute shoulder injuries can cause bruising, inflammation, and pain. Shoulder injuries can also cause damage to blood vessels and nerves thus you might experience some numbness and tingling.

Examples of acute shoulder injuries include:

Overuse Shoulder Injuries

Overuse injuries come on slowly. They occur due to repetitive motions putting excessive stress on your shoulder joint. You typically can't point out the exact moment this type of injury first occurred and the condition progresses with time. Examples of overuse shoulder injuries include:

Symptoms of Shoulder Injury 

Shoulder injuries can cause you the following symptoms:

Shoulder Injury Treatment in Los Angeles and West Covina, CA

If you have a shoulder injury in Los Angeles and West Covina, CA, schedule a consultation with your orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Samimi, Dr. Samimi, and Dr. Eldringhoff of Samimi Orthopaedic Group for accurate diagnosis and treatment by calling:

West Covina (626) 338-7391

Los Angeles (310) 606-2156

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