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Shoulder and Knee Injuries


Even though the shoulder joint has the widest range of motion this also leaves it prone to injury. In fact, shoulder and knee injuries tend to be very common sports injuries that we see in athletes of all ages. Here at Samimi Orthopaedic Group, our team of expert orthopedists understands just how important it is to get the comprehensive and tailored care they need to get back in the game. We offer a variety of non-surgical and surgical solutions to treat all types of sports injuries.

Common Shoulder Injuries in Sports

Common sports-related shoulder injuries include shoulder separation or dislocation. While a shoulder separation will get better with ample rest and through specialized exercises and physical therapy, those dealing with a true dislocation will need to have the joint put back in place by one of our orthopedists.

Based on the symptoms you’re experiencing, we may need to perform certain imaging tests in order to rule out more significant injuries such as a labral tear. While the goal is to always provide you with the most conservative treatment options possible, we also offer arthroscopic surgery to patients who are dealing with more severe or unresponsive sports-related injuries.

Common Knee Injuries in Sports

The knees are another area of the body prone to injury, particularly in athletes. Certain types of sports such as soccer and football often lead to knee injuries such as an ACL tear. A twist or blow to the knee often results in an ACL injury. If you hear a snapping or popping sound at the moment of injury, you could very well be dealing with an ACL tear.

Most athletes will turn to arthroscopic surgery in order to fully restore the knee so that they can fully get back to being active. Here at Samimi Orthopaedic Group, we are dedicated to helping everyone from active individuals to pro athletes get the orthopedic care they need to heal fully and efficiently so that they can get back to what they love.

If you are dealing with persistent shoulder or knee pain, weakness or other problems while playing sports, it’s important that you have an orthopedist who can give you the answers you need. Call Samimi Orthopaedic Group at (310) 606-2156 or (626) 338-7391 to schedule an evaluation.

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