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Babak Samimi, MD

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    Tony T

    Fantastic all around. Thoughtful, attentive and very responsive with feedback, patient education and treatment.
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    Kevin H

    Dr. Samimi and his staff was very professional and informative. This first visit was a positive experience.
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    First time patient. He is such an amazing, caring, nice doctor. Thank you Dr. Samimi.
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    Tony T

    Amazing. Dr. Samimi has been fantastic and the results I've gotten from working with him have been amazing!
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    Dr Samimi ALWAYS takes the time to listen to your concerns and he explains procedures very clearly
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    Great people, fast service. Excited to see them next time.
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David Eldringhoff, MD

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    Decortier F

    Experience was great. Staff were very nice. Doc was awesome. I will go back. 5 stars.
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    Max A

    He is a very good doctor and with de paciente is very very good very good profesional
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    Friendly & curteous Dr. & staff. Didn't feel rushed & answered all questions.
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    Dolores C

    He is well knowledge, very attentive listening of patients concerns.
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    Dr. Eldringhoff & Haydn worked together patiently to treat me.
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    It was quick and to the point. The only thing I would complain about: When booking through ZocDoc, the system confirmed a 9am appointment, while the office itself (Samimi Orthopaedic Group) and Patient Fusion confirmed a 9:30am appointment. So these two systems seem to be at odds regarding appointments.
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Omar Rahman, MD, MBA

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Berkay Unal, MD

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    Dr Unal was and is very personal and he makes sure you understand everything you are going through during any procedure I am a recipient of the Rotator cuff patch and my healing time is so much faster in rotation of my shoulder and bicep than when I have had surgery before without a patch Dr Unal is a Great Othropedic specialist
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    I went to Dr. Unal with a knee injury, he was very helpful and honest with me. He answered all of my questions and most importantly he did a great job with my surgery. I am recovering very quickly and am thankful for Dr. Unal and his team as I am in much better shape now than before my knee surgery.
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    M. Hoyt

    WOW, I had the best experience that anyone can possibly have with a surgery. The healing process is lengthy, but well worth the wait. Dr. Unal is "by the book" on therapy. I did exactly as I was told to do and I LOVE my new shoulder. It really is my old one, but Dr. Unal help me to make it feel new. I highly recommend his expert services.
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    Dr. Unal is a phenomenal doctor and made sure he did everything in his power so that I could rehabilitate and return to my daily life.
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    Frank H

    As a 80 yr old avid extreme roller blader with a massive shoulder tear of rotator cuff I had low expectations that I would return to my extreme sport but after DR Berkay repaired my shoulder and therapy sessions I am very happy on my progress and have returned to my sport and am very satisfied with the service Dr Berkay provided
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Elliot Bright, PA-C

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Elaine Chen, PA-C

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