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Babak Samimi, MD

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    Very nice office staff and physician. I would recommend him to my friends.
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    Tony T

    Absolutely amazing as always. Clear, thoughtful diagnosis and treatment.
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    Steve A

    I thought he was very thorough and just the right doctor for my injury.
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    Great experience. Well organized. Everybody knows what they are doing.
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    William F

    Great bedside manner, very empathetic and informative and rather unique.
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    I would recommend Dr Samimi. My whole visit was met with great service.
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David Eldringhoff, MD

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    Cynthia W

    I chose Dr. Eldringhoff because his patient ratings online were amazing. I drive 90 minutes to see him because of that and because he's in-network on my insurance. Not only did he save me from a premature knee replacement, but he seems genuinely interested in my progress and all the things that we can do and try to overcome the issues in the meantime. He was the ONLY orthopedic surgeon out of three that I visited who said, "It is much too early for you to have a knee replacement." The others seem to have been mainly interested in scheduling another expensive surgery as soon as possible. I highly recommend Dr. Eldringhoff after just two appointments. His staff is friendly and helpful, too.
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    Keith G

    Dr E is extremely friendly and efficient. He explains himself extremely well. It was a very positive experience visiting his office.
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    David B

    Extremely knowledgeable and informative.
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    Felicity K

    I love that this office utilized online registration so that I could skip the forms in paper upon check in. The staff was very accommodating and helpful and the doctor was a great listener, very caring and clear.
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    Marsha B

    Very warm doctor. After some X-rays he took time to explain in detail his findings. I look forward to treatment and follow up. I plan on visiting him for any future ortho needs.
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    Michael Y

    Family has been going to Samini Orthopedic Group for years. Son had shoulder surgery. Wife had broken foot. I have been to him for hand and arm injuries. Always professional.
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Omar Rahman, MD, MBA

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Berkay Unal, MD

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    Ted B

    I saw Dr. Unal today he was amazing! Great experience in explaining all issues I had going on in Pec Major & my Anterior Delt/ Bicep tendon. He did not rush anything and made sure to not only answer the questions I had but went into full detail further explaining to me. Did stretching/ mobility testing, I’ve been to many Dr’s and have been rushed over the years I give him an A+ on my experience Thank You Dr Unal!
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    I recently had multiple fractures of my arm due to a fall, and surgery was required. As a retired nurse, I could not be more pleased with the care I received from Dr. Unal. His thoroughness and thoughtful answers to my questions, before and after surgery, gave me confidence and expedited my recovery. Dr. Unal and his staff have been a pleasure to work with. Office visits have been very pleasant and professional with the last visit being especially prompt. Waiting times have alway been very prompt.
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    Fabiola P

    Excellent care, Dr. Unal made the right call on our son's care at the hospital! His recovery was very well monitored. Christina, his assistant is very helpful and friendly thank you!!
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    Dr. Berkay Unal is an amazing orthopedic surgeon who obviously takes great pride in what he does. I saw Dr. Berkay Unal for an ACL reconstruction with some meniscal repair as well. Dr. Berkay Unal definitely has some of the best bedside manners that I have encountered. When I first visited Dr. Unal, I had conveyed how I am interested in a future in medicine and Dr. Berkay Unal was kind enough to tell me about his experiences and what the lifestyle is like. Besides the bedside manner, my ACL reconstruction was done amazingly with very little scarring. I haven't encountered any limitations or side effects that I sustained due to the surgery. I was able to get back to sports thanks to Dr. Berkay Unal. If you need an orthopedic surgeon and you care about the quality of the operation and bedside manner, I definitely recommend Dr. Berkay Unal.
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    Carla E

    I can't say enough good things about Dr. Unal. My son was being seen for a sports related injury. He was very thorough, was great at explaining to my son and myself what was happening. He scheduled us for xray and when he thought something looked abnormal he scheduled us for more xrays. I was very happy with his knowledge in his field, i felt at ease with his explanations. I would recommend Dr Unal to anyone. Dr Unal was very attentive to what was going to be my sons best intrest. Thank you!
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Elliot Bright, PA-C

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Elaine Chen, PA-C

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