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Babak Samimi, MD

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    Great people, fast service. Excited to see them next time.
  • Zocdoc 472211Zocdoc

    Very professional and friendly. Almost no wait time either. Highly reccomend!
  • Zocdoc 472210Zocdoc

    Aziz A

    I was in a hurry and they took care of me quick and efficiently.
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    Jolene W

    Excellent conversation the doctor listened and answered all my questions.
  • Zocdoc 472208Zocdoc

    Helen S

    Dr Samimi and his staff are wonderful I would highly recommend them
  • Zocdoc 472207Zocdoc

    Very nice office staff and physician. I would recommend him to my friends.
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David Eldringhoff, MD

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    It was quick and to the point. The only thing I would complain about: When booking through ZocDoc, the system confirmed a 9am appointment, while the office itself (Samimi Orthopaedic Group) and Patient Fusion confirmed a 9:30am appointment. So these two systems seem to be at odds regarding appointments.
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    Would go back! Cool dude
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    Obichukwu U

    Very attentive and gave me sound advice on what I needed to do. I was unsure of my condition and the doctor helped provide further clarity. I got my x-rays done and the person doing the x-ray even showed concern.
  • Zocdoc 472276Zocdoc

    Miguel P

    The docotr will actually listen to your questions and concerns and wont just brush them off. He is a very explanative and patient person. If you are looking for an excellent orthopedic specialist then this is who you need to see.
  • Zocdoc 472274Zocdoc

    Lisa W

    Excellent and patient focused practice
  • Zocdoc 472273Zocdoc

    Cynthia W

    I chose Dr. Eldringhoff because his patient ratings online were amazing. I drive 90 minutes to see him because of that and because he's in-network on my insurance. Not only did he save me from a premature knee replacement, but he seems genuinely interested in my progress and all the things that we can do and try to overcome the issues in the meantime. He was the ONLY orthopedic surgeon out of three that I visited who said, "It is much too early for you to have a knee replacement." The others seem to have been mainly interested in scheduling another expensive surgery as soon as possible. I highly recommend Dr. Eldringhoff after just two appointments. His staff is friendly and helpful, too.
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Omar Rahman, MD, MBA

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Berkay Unal, MD

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    Katy H

    I broke my right humerus this January and have just been released to normal activity under the care of Dr. Unal. I have healed well under his care and am thrilled to have had him as my doctor for this injury. The goal was to heal the break with time and physical therapy and, sure enough, it did. Thank Dr. Unal!
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    Paul W

    I had to see Dr. Unal when I broke my hip skateboarding. He did my surgery and my recovery has gone amazingly well! I would recommend him and his staff to anybody considering surgery. I couldn't be more happy. I've had a lot of operations (12 total), so I know what I'm talking about. Dr Unal and his staff are AWESOME!!!
  • Healthgrades 472338Healthgrades

    J Santos

    This doctor is gifted by far. It was my first surgery and he made sure every detail was covered from post therapy and him going the extra mile to ensure my healing process from physical to my mobility was impeccable, cant even tell i had surgery.
  • Healthgrades 472337Healthgrades

    Elaine E

    Over a year ago Dr. Unal ,MD did a shoulder arthraplasy replacement . Thank You , you did a lot for me to get my shoulder back. I did everything you had me do so I could have my shoulder back to normal, which it is! You are a kind, intelligent, great surgeon. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Unal. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy, and Great New Year 2021
  • Healthgrades 472336Healthgrades

    Alicia P

    Dr Unal took care of my 80 year old mother when she dislocated her shoulder. He is very attentive and was very thorough in every decision he made during my mothers recovery period. He's the best and I highly recommend him to others. Not many Drs. like him in this area. Thank you for everything
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Elliot Bright, PA-C

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Elaine Chen, PA-C

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